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There are many benefits from practicing yoga every day, and it isn't always possible to attend a class. Therefore I have created some FREE online yoga videos on my YouTube Channel, to help motivate you and guide you at home. Please click here to see a list of classes

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I run a wide range of Yoga classes, please go to our yoga styles page for find out what styles are available and what might suit you and our yoga timetable page to see when we have available, or to read a bit about why study yoga click here

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Below are some comments from my previous yoga students;

"Wonderful; I’m going to share with all my work colleagues who are gradually going down with carpal tunnel 1 by 1! Thanks Sarah; fabulous as always ❤️" Rachael Brown

"Hi Sarah, I found your 30 day yoga challenge the other day and it is amazing! I did yoga a few years ago and hated it, but as I was getting tight shoulder muscles from kayaking I decided to give it another go. Absolutely loving that the sessions are nice and short, and easy enough for a beginner to follow, plus I really feel the difference in my shoulders after 3 days! Thank you for posting online and I look forward to finishing the rest of the challenge. Thanks, Rachel"

"Thank you so much really enjoying your 30 day yoga particularly the shoulders day 3 feeling a difference" Gillian Clunas

"I've just started this. If,like me you have never done yoga before, I would recommend looking at these videos. An excellent way of getting into yoga without going to a class and embarrassing yourself in front of a group of ladies in yoga pants. Seriously, I've just started with these videos and they are very informative and helpful. I have yet to see the result but I am sure they will come. Well done Sarah." Steve Bennett (Facebook post)

"Gracias , me encantan los vídeos.😘" Luz Olivos :Translation; Thank you, I love the (YouTube Yoga) videos

"Why no comments on this? (My Yoga YouTube Video) This is outstanding, with your music, excellent instructions, calming voice, and stretches. Thank you so much Sarah, Pam" Pam Hanna

"I'm loving this 30 Day Challenge!!! I miss your Your classes xxx" Helen, Colchester

"Thank you for sharing this video. Hope you post more." Vanessa Brett

"Thank you for your email (newsletter) and your YouTube Yoga. You did them very well, easy to follow your movement step by step. Look like you are my private personal tutoring me at home. So Good. I'm very lucky to have your support. I have forward to my friends who love yoga." (Christine, Colchester)

"Your classes are fantastic and great fun to attend with a bunch of like minded students." (James, Colchester)

Recent Feedback about my Yoga YouTube classes, (Taken from Reddit, Facebook & YouTube):

  • "This is super helpful thank you!"
  • "This is great! Are you planning on doing more of these?"
  • "Thank you so much! Self care for us is the least thought about subject. This is so helpful."
  • "Dude yes thank you for making this content"
  • "Love this ! Thank you so much I would definitely welcome more of this kinda stuff."
  • "This is great. Thank you."
  • "Thank you!"
  • "Wow your channel is really good. I just bought a yoga mat last week to do morning wake up stretches. I think I’ll try your 30min video."
  • "Fantastic, I'll pass this on to my mum, thanks! "
  • "Beautiful, Sarah!"
  • "Amazing Sarah, your voice sounds so relaxing 😌"
  • "Buenisimo!!!"
  • "Me encanto tu video...!"
  • "great idea for a theme! don't think i've ever heard of anyone doing this"
  • "lovely yoga flow! thanks for the positive vibrations my friend!"

"Hi Sarah, Very much enjoyed my first introduction to yoga. Very much felt at ease, despite some rather awkward off-balance moments, as it was my first ever classs you know. Ideal after a long work day. See you Thursday. Many thanks. Paul." Colchester

"Thanks Sarah for a fantastic class, love yoga so glad to be back" Joanne O'connor Sullivan, Colchester

"Really enjoying Sarah's yoga class. Its both relaxing and challenging which is what I was looking for. I like how the movements stretch my tight muscles and look forward to seeing the benefits once I have been more regularly. All the best, Georgina" (Colchester)

"Thank you Sarah, I enjoyed the class it was great just what I needed! I am looking forward to booking with you again a week Friday. The online booking was ok, it was just I had difficulty on my mobile phone but called you and found my way - thanks" Dawn Howlett (Colchester)

"I went to a yoga class with Sarah last night, my first with her. I've been practicing Hatha yoga elsewhere for 2 years so the style taught to me was different to what I'm used to, though still recognisable. Given this, I found Sarah very clear in her instruction and understood the intention of each asana, and I felt very welcomed by her in the class. I felt both relaxed and energised afterwards. I would certainly return to another class and recommend Sarah." Sarah Mills (Colchester)

"I really enjoyed the class thanks. It was pitched at just the right level for me and I felt incredibly chilled afterwards. I just floated back home afterwards! I found it quite difficult to do the online booking but it was probably just me! I'm really looking forward to carry on with the sessions next week! Tim Strugnell (Colchester)

"First yoga session with Sarah tonight, was great. Have used others before but this is definitely one of the nest :-)" Nat Haswell (Colchester)

"I had my first yoga class yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sarah's instruction was first class and I left the class feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. Can't wait for the next session!" Marie Pattrick (Colchester)

"Hi Sarah, just to provide feedback for your classes - I find the classes really great. I think they flow through and are really varied. You are professional and well experienced. I enjoy the standing poses including salute the sun, and the sequence last night. I like classes where I get to stretch and exercise my lower body - legs, hips, etc. Thank you, Kind regards, Maddy" Maddy Devon (Colchester)

"Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say thank you for last night my shoulder feels great after class last night. I love your classes, I just thought I'd tell you that I really like the way you teach and how you always do different things in your classes. See you next week." Helen Medel Gonzalez (Colchester)

"Hi Sarah, just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed yoga on Monday night. It's really good to be back and I've been fresh and inspired since. See you again on Monday!" Beth Mayers (Colchester)

"Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your classes. As someone who has done yoga for many years I would just like to say, I love the way that you vary the classes - and it all just 'flows', The lamps are an excellent idea and together with the lovely background music you make the ambience perfect." Sharon Taylor (Colchester)

"Thank you for a great first yoga session, for my first class I didn't feel uncomfortable at all you really put me at ease and explained things throughly I shall definitely be back next week and shall recommend you to friends :-)" Nicola Frearson (Colchester)

"I spent one week in yoga classes with Sara and I can say she is very professional. She has an excellend methodology and is a very good teacher. She is a true therapist. She also gave me a wonderful massage. Highly recommendable . Greetings from Chile!" (Translated from) "Estuve 1 semana en clases de yoga con Sara y puedo decir que es una gran profesional. Tiene una excelente metodología y es muy buena profesora. Es una verdadera terapeuta. También me hizo un masaje maravilloso! Altamente recomendable. Saludos desde Chile!" Maca Torres (Chile)

¨Sarah, I Love you, thank you for teaching me with so much love - The best yoga teacher! I believe that yoga is a gift that the body is grateful for!… Yoga is the synonymous of well being (Translated from) Te quiero mucho Sarita, gracias por enseñarme con tanto amor - ¡La mejor maestra de Yoga!¨y ¨Me encanta!!! considero que el yoga es un regalo que el cuerpo agradece mucho... Yoga es sinonimo de bienestar¨. Melina Rivera (Columbia)

"I had the most beautiful yoga experience with Sarah on Mancora Beach first thing in the morning. She asked me many questions regarding my ability, feelings, experiences that despite only ever having done yoga once before it was a delightfully productive experience. I can not praise Sarah enough for this remarkable experience. I would definitely recommend her a millon times over!" Rachelle Stand-age (Zimbabwe)