Body Massage For Couples Workshop

Yoga for Massage Therapists

I have decided to make a short yoga YouTube video for all my new students to help prevent wrist strain and discomfort while also gently stretching the back and shoulders, please check it out.

Body Massage For Couples Workshop

Do you or your partner suffer from aches, stress or tension?

How wonderful would it be to receive a relaxing massage from your partner, or to be able to relieve any stress or tension your partner has and help him/her to relax! Rather than paying to go and receive a massage treatment and retuning with stressful drive back, you could receive the relaxing benefits at home from someone you love!

Massage is a wonderful way to not only relieve muscular tightness and tension but also encourage mental relaxation. This wonderful body massage for couples workshop will teach you and your partner relaxing massage techniques to encourage the decrease of stress and tension in the body. It is also a positive way to connect and spend time together and is a lovely idea for a gift.

This relaxed and informal private half-day workshop, will teach you both various massage techniques to enable you and your partner to be able to confidently carryout an effective massage routine on each other. The best massage treatments are adapted to each individual and therefore we will focus on how to relieve each others aches and pains. You will be given notes to take away with you, and a certificate to remember your relaxing experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for pregnant women (or even if you suspect you may be pregnant).


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Latest student feedback:

"Thanks for checking in with us. We had a lovely time (on the body massage for couples workshop), it was physically very nice to be massaged, but also emotionally a connecting experience. The techniques you showed us felt effective yet easy to repeat. I had no problems with the online booking system. The workshop itself was marvellous. We really did love our time with you, Andy felt it was a brilliant gift, so do push the concept of a gift celebration! Many friends have shown appreciation of the idea, hopefully they'll book too in the future. We found you very calm and easy yet professional and knowledgeable. We felt safe. Your personality came through in your emails, and I valued your prompt attention. That contributed to our positive anticipation of the day, being unclothed & being touched could've made us feel vulnerable but we didn't in the slightest. Please do use any comments here on your publicity, you deserve for the compliments to be shown! Thanks again & best Wishes, Claire & Andy"

"It was amazing - enjoyed every minute of it and would highly recommend the workshop to all couples x" Adèle Dobson