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There are many benefits from practicing yoga every day, and it isn't always possible to attend a class. Therefore I have created some FREE online yoga classes on my YouTube Channel, to help motivate you and guide you at home. Please click here to see a list of classes

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Yoga Breathing for Beginners

This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video but can also benefit anxiety sufferers, insomniacs and anyone who practices yoga or wants to relax.

Yoga for Beginners

This yoga for beginner’s video is great for anyone who feels they need to gentle stretch their body in the morning, but doesn't have much time for a full class. When practiced daily it helps to wake up the body and give you much needed energy and flexibility.

Essential Yoga to aid sleep & relax the spine

This is a gentle yoga routine to practice before bed to help stretch the back and aid sleep. It is especially beneficial when practiced regularly Please remember to listen to your own body and only work as deep as feels comfortable.

Chair Yoga - For Arm Strength & flexibility

Chair Yoga - Seated Leg Exercises

Chair Yoga To Improve Balance

A Guided Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Beginners Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga Routine

Morning Yoga for Leg Strength & Flexibility

30 minute Morning Yoga Flow Routine

5 Minute Hands Free Yoga Flow

My wrist free hands free yoga flow routine, is an energizing yoga flow that avoids Downward Facing Dog, Plank and Chaturanga. This short 5-minute yoga flow class is great for busy people. It is aimed at students who have wrist pain, elbow pain, carpal tunnel or shoulder or hand injuries, and who are unable to put weight on your hands.

The Moon Salutation

One of my favorite vinyasa flow sequences is the moon salutation or Chandra Namaskar, which is a nice change from the very popular sun salutations. It is a good yoga routine which stretches and strengths the whole body including the hips, hamstrings and back.

Moon Salutation - 30 min Class

This is a gentle yoga practice including a variation of the moon salutation. Please remember to always listen to your body and do only what feels right for you, remember to leave out any postures that maybe seem too advance for you.

Yoga for Massage Therapists

I have decided to make a short yoga YouTube video for all my new students to help prevent wrist strain and discomfort while also gently stretching the back and shoulders, please check it out.

Surf Warm-Up : Yoga for Surfers

This 10-minute yoga for surfers routine focuses on stretching and warming-up the whole body. It includes 3 essential yoga stretches for the shoulders which improves shoulder flexibility when practiced regularly. Great for a pre-surf warm up. If you don’t surf, this routine can still be practiced as a daily exercise routine to open up the hip and shoulders.

Yoga For Paddle Sports

A short yoga sequence, especially designed for surfers, stand up paddle boarders, kayakers and any other paddle board sports, to improve mobility and flexibility in the shoulders, chest and back.

Yoga for Hips

A Yoga routine that focuses on stretching the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, psoas, gluteal and piriformis muscles, with additional stretches for the shoulders, lower back and chest.

Spring Yoga Flow

This is a short gentle flow routine, which can be done in the morning to help stretch the body and give you energy. By practicing 10 minutes of yoga every day, you will notice a difference to your flexibility, strength, balance, breath and mind.

Yoga for Energy

Yoga for energy! Practice this energizing morning yoga sequence to wake up the body and prepare you for the day! This 15 minute yoga sequence - Yoga for energy , is an great way to give you an energy boost, especially in cold winter mornings.

"Great routine, thanks! Feel much better after a client :)" (Commented on my Yoga For Massage Thersists Class) by SCOTCHBOX

"Have been doing this every day and am noticing how much better i feel! thank you!" (Comment about my Yoga for Hands and Wrists Class) Michelle Licha-Oros

"My wrists and thumbs are shot after 24 years! I need more of this!" (Comment about my Yoga for Hands and Wrists Class) Denise Johnson

"Wonderful; I’m going to share with all my work colleagues who are gradually going down with carpal tunnel 1 by 1! Thanks Sarah; fabulous as always ❤️" Rachael Brown

"Hi Sarah, I found your 30 day yoga challenge the other day and it is amazing! I did yoga a few years ago and hated it, but as I was getting tight shoulder muscles from kayaking I decided to give it another go. Absolutely loving that the sessions are nice and short, and easy enough for a beginner to follow, plus I really feel the difference in my shoulders after 3 days! Thank you for posting online and I look forward to finishing the rest of the challenge. Thanks, Rachel"

"Hi Sarah, I am doung your 30 day Challenge and loving it, I've tried many Yoga starts but yours seem to be great for beginners, thanks." Michael Scott (Facebook Post)

"I've just started this. If,like me you have never done yoga before, I would recommend looking at these videos. An excellent way of getting into yoga without going to a class and embarrassing yourself in front of a group of ladies in yoga pants. Seriously, I've just started with these videos and they are very informative and helpful. I have yet to see the result but I am sure they will come. Well done Sarah." Steve Bennett (Facebook post)

"Gracias , me encantan los vídeos.😘" Luz Olivos :Translation; Thank you, I love the (YouTube Yoga) videos

"Why no comments on this? (My Yoga YouTube Video) This is outstanding, with your music, excellent instructions, calming voice, and stretches. Thank you so much Sarah, Pam" Pam Hanna

"I'm loving this 30 Day Challenge!!! I miss your Your classes xxx" Helen, Colchester

"Thank you for sharing this video. Hope you post more." Vanessa Brett

"Thank you for your email (newsletter) and your YouTube Yoga. You did them very well, easy to follow your movement step by step. Look like you are my private personal tutoring me at home. So Good. I'm very lucky to have your support. I have forward to my friends who love yoga." (Christine, Colchester)

Recent Feedback about my Yoga YouTube classes, (Taken from Reddit, Facebook & YouTube):

  • "Amazing! Thank you for sharing this :) "
  • "This is super helpful thank you!"
  • "This is great! Are you planning on doing more of these?"
  • "Thank you so much! Self care for us is the least thought about subject. This is so helpful."
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  • "Love this ! Thank you so much I would definitely welcome more of this kinda stuff."
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  • "Wow your channel is really good. I just bought a yoga mat last week to do morning wake up stretches. I think I’ll try your 30min video."
  • "Fantastic, I'll pass this on to my mum, thanks! "
  • "Beautiful, Sarah!"
  • "Amazing Sarah, your voice sounds so relaxing 😌"
  • "Buenisimo!!!"
  • "Me encanto tu video...!"
  • "great idea for a theme! don't think i've ever heard of anyone doing this"
  • "lovely yoga flow! thanks for the positive vibrations my friend!"
  • "Injury prevention is SO important. I am happy you are bringing attention to the things that MTs can do to help themselves! :)"