Yoga Classes at Home

There are many benefits from practicing yoga every day, and it isn't always possible to attend a class. Therefore I have created some FREE online yoga classes on my YouTube Channel, to help motivate you and guide you at home. Please click here to see a list of classes

Why do Yoga?

Yoga can mean different things from one person to another, for some it is a wonderful way to keep fit, increase flexibility, balance, tone and strength at the same time relax and relieve stress; for others, yoga is more of a way of life. Whatever your reason for wanting to practice yoga or your experience level, you are very welcome to joinwith us!

Yoga is for everyone!...

Yoga classes, Colchester, Essex
Yoga Classes, Colchester, Essex

...All ages, levels of fitness, flexibility, strength and experience... benefit from yoga!

The most important principle is to have an open mind and not be self-critical! It is normal to compare ourselves to others, however it isn't always a positive thing to do! Everyone has a different body, and therefore a different level of strength, flexibility, balance and even the ability to meditate!

The real aim of yoga is to link YOUR breath to YOUR body, so relax and enjoy it, and don't worry about how much you can do today it will always be different from tomorrow!

Yoga, Colchester, Essex

I offer friendly, relaxed group classes, online classes on YouTube and also you have the opportunity to have one-to-one private classes, which can be used to focus on any area you choose; improve your posture; relieve aches and pains; deepen your respiration; reduce your stress levels; become active to regain your ideal weight, these are just a few! Please go to our yoga styles page for find out what styles are available and what might suit you and our yoga timetable page to see when we have available.

I am a registered RYT 200 teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. "This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK."

For more information on classes Contact Sarah, or to book a place online please visit:

"First yoga session with Sarah tonight, was great. Have used others before but this is definitely one of the nest :-)" Nat Haswell (Colchester)

"I had my first yoga class yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sarah's instruction was first class and I left the class feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. Can't wait for the next session!" Marie Pattrick (Colchester)

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Yoga Colchester Essex