Yoga Styles

Yoga at Home

There are many benefits from practicing yoga every day, and it isn't always possible to attend a class. Therefore I have created some FREE online yoga classes on my YouTube Channel, to help motivate you and guide you at home. Please click here to see a list of classes

What Yoga Style is right for you???

When I first started doing yoga, I went with my mum to the local class; I loved it! However at the time I had no idea what style it was, or that there were different styles!

For some people the style they do isn't that important, while for others it is vital and enables them to stick with it! So in my opinion, try what ever classes are available to you, and if you feel there is are missing, try a different class or even a different teacher.

Here is a small break down on the styles I can offer you, but there still are so many more out there!!

My Style

My preferred teaching style is combining all of the yoga styles listed below. I believe that each style has its own advantages and disadvantages, and when mixed together can create a beautiful fusion to suit all ages and abilities, while enabling students to learn all aspects of yoga, and allows them to process at a fun and varied way.

In my opinion some styles of yoga focus a lot of their attention mainly on one area; mind and meditation or asanas (yoga postures) and the physical body, and just touch on the other areas briefly, where as I truly believe we need to learn balance therefore a combination of everything is better. It is common to do what you find easy and focus on excelling in that area, when often we need to work on those areas that are slightly weaker to create balance.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha meaning physical aspect of yoga is a good gentle, slow-paced introduction to the yoga asanas (postures). It is a great style for anyone, but it is especially good for beginners who are looking for a mixture of yogic breathing exercises and although you wont work up a sweat in a Hatha class you will still learn movements to improve posture and stiffness and leave feeling looser, more balanced and relaxed.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a beautiful, quiet, meditative yoga practice, developed by teacher Paul Grilley. The best way to describe a Yin Yoga class is it is 'slow'; holding yoga postures for several minutes, allowing you to deeply relax and allow gravity to do the work rather than forcing and straining. However, it is not necessarily an 'easy' class, as sometimes the real challenge is working on patience, self acceptance and calming the mind as well as truly stretching the body. This method was created as a way to find comfort during long seated meditations, while working on lengthening the connective tissue, particularly around the joints.

It is a wonderful complement to 'Yang' yoga styles such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga and a great way of finding balance for people who find it hard to sit still!. The more active a person's life is, the more the need for encouraging softness, creating balance and time for yin!

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga; meaning ‘flow’ in Sanskrit, is actually taken from Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, but rather than following a set routine, like Ashtanga, it is a creative mix of postures linking them to the breath, so you will never have two classes the same. It is a very active, 'yang' style of yoga, which creates energy and strength.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ashtanga, meaning "eight limbs" is based on ancient yoga teachings and was popularised by Pattabhi Jois in the 1970's. It is a hot, sweaty, rigorous practice style of yoga, that follows a specific sequence of postures always in the same order, which, like Vinyasa yoga, links each movement to the breath. This practice is very physically demanding because of the constant movement from one pose to the next and the emphasis on daily practice.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar is a style of yoga developed and created by Sri B.K.S Iyengar in the 1960's. The style places a lot of emphasis on correct alignment and uses many yoga 'props' to encourage and help you in to the correct position. I use this technique in my yoga for scoliosis classes but also incorporate it in my group classes.

Partner Yoga

Whether you already love yoga or are coming for your first class, then this is an experience for you to come and try! In a safe and fun environment, you will learn the beauty of yoga postures working in pairs, and finish off the class with wonderful Thai massage techniques! (Everyone's favourite part!) It combines COMPASSION, CONNECTION, COMMUNICATION AND CONFIDENCE! Which is a great way to deep your knowledge and practice of yoga, with working in 'union' (which is the meaning of yoga!) Bring your partner, friend, buddy, pal, bro, sister, colleague, parent, child, significant other, or someone you just grabbed from the street!,.. or come along alone and meet other like minded yogis!

Private Classes

In a private yoga class, I will be able to identify your personal needs and create a practical session specially designed for you. You will learn at your own pace, and there will be enough time to correct your posture and work on your body alignment. Private classes can be in any style, and for any personal reasons, popular ones are; relieve back tension; improve posture/strength/flexibility; weight loss, and are also great for beginner who want to understand each posture before coming in to a class atmosphere.