Reiki Treatments: 1 Hour

Reiki, Colchester, Essex

Bring your life back into balance with a Reiki treatment. Health is essential to a happy and carefree existence. Make time to heal yourself with Teiki, free your mind from troubles, relive yourself from pain and support the regeneration of your body.

Reiki is one of the gentlest forms of healing. It works by directing unseen energy, traditionally known as 'Chi', 'Ki' or 'Universal Energy' on to the patient.

Reiki energy increases vitality and nurtures well-being, it helps the body to build its natural ability to self heal, balance the emotions and clear the mind. The treatments allows you to relax, refocus and de-stress. The result is a healthier you in a much shorter time.

Reiki, Colchester, Essex

"When I met Sarah in Lobitos I was dealing with some emotional stuff and feeling a little stressed. We chatted about this and she suggested that Reiki would be a good idea for me due to what I had described as going on for me at the time. I had three Reiki sessions with Sarah, each about a week apart. They were very relaxing but I also feel that they helped to balance me and feel supported while finding a calmer place within, from which I could better work through what was going on for me. She is very perceptive and made some intuitive and interesting comments about what she was sensing from my energy after working with me each time. I would highly recommend Sarah and her Reiki treatments to anyone. Thank you Sarah!:-)" Robin Verwest (Canada)

If you would like to learn more about Reiki, including self treatments and treatments on another please contact me to arrange a date which suits you.