Reflexology : 1 Hour treatment

Reflexology is a gently healing massage, based on the reflex areas of the feet and the body's meridian lines. The reflexes correspond to all the various parts and organs of the body and therefore, the unique reflexology massage offers a means to treat the whole body. (Meridians are invisible lines throughout the body of a type of energy know in the the east as 'Chi' or 'Ki', which nurture and hold our entire being.)

Reflexology, Colchester, Essex
Reflexology, Colchester, Essex

Blockages in these pathways can lead to physical, mental or emotional problems. By massaging the feet in a certain way the blockages are cleared, leading to better health. In this way illness can also be prevented from happening, as the treatment helps to boost the immune system. Regular reflexology treatments, covering the whole person (in body, mind and spirit) can be one of the best ways to restore balance, health and vitality. It can improve stress and tension, PMT, depression, insomnia, muscular pain, swelling and discomfort, hormone imbalance, headaches and migraines and re-energize and improve sleep.

"I have had various therapies from Sarah Lane and I definitely recommend her. She is very passionate about what she does and also very professional, this shows in her therapies." Fiona Allie (Scotland)

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