Indian Head Massage Colchester
I provide a range of one or two day training courses in massage and Reiki, please check the pages for full details on each course.

Latest student feedback:

"Sarah is a pleasure to be around and is a good teacher :-)" (Helena Russell, Reiki student, Colchester)

"Thank you for a really enlightening day. It felt a really safe space and it was nice the group was so small." Holly, Colchester (Reiki student)

"I wanted to thank you for your patience and guidance today, I really enjoyed the course. I am eager to do some healing and can't wait to try it out on friends." (Heidi, Colchester)

"I had such a wonderful day, thank you. You are a very competent and intuitive teacher. Today felt like a privilege. Thanks once again. Sandy" (Reiki student, Colchester)
"Hi Sarah, Lovely to hear from you. I thoroughly enjoyed the day on Sunday (for the Ear candling course), Thank you so much for all you help and guidance -I truly believe I have found something I enjoy doing! Look forward to attending another course soon! Gillian" (Gillian Morgan, Colchester)  
"A most enjoyable and informative day in a relaxed environment. You will leave this one day course with the ability to confidently perform Indian Head Massage". (Gilly Sandford, Colchester)
"Hi Sarah, I'm so glad I made it today (Indian head massage course). It was a very well organised and structured course. You are a great teacher. Thanks again" (Teri Page, Colchester)
"Thanks you so much for today Sarah. Truly inspirational! I've pretty much booked up my week with people to practice on too. There is definitely no shortage of offer for models!" (Rebecca Manford, Colchester) - Indian head massage student
"I attend Sarah's yoga classes weekly, which I love, and I have an interest in holistic therapies so decided to book her 1day Indian Head Massage Practitioners course which I completed yesterday. This was great fun and amazing value for money! I feel so confident after only 1 day of Sarah's teaching and can't wait to start practicing my new skills on friends and family! I highly recommend both Sarah's yoga classes and her therapies courses!" (Lucy Pugh, Colchester)
"Thank you so much for today I have enjoyed every moment of the day. I have come away feeling really positive, feeling as though I have learnt a lot and cannot wait to put it into practice. I have already got people lined up this week to practice (Indian head massage) on :). You are a fantastic teacher, very patient, calming and full of motivation and energising. Have a lovely evening. Look forward to booking onto the Swedish massage course" (Della Wood, Colchester)
"Thank-you once again for such a wonderful day on Sunday. I enjoyed every minute & now feel so positive & inspired to move forward with foot massage. Om shanti, Gillian x" (Colchester)
"I'd just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my day learning my diploma in Indian Head Massage with you, you are a truly amazing and patient lady and really helped me to digest all of the information needed, I'm looking forward to do some yoga with you, as I'm aware you offer classes but will let you know nearer the time. Thanks again for everything. (Charmain, Colchester)
"Thank you so much for teaching me, it was a lovely day I thought and I thoroughly enjoyed myself... Thank you again so much for a lovely day and teaching me such a beautiful skill I can share with others, I really enjoy giving relaxation and tension relief to my friends and family - it's a great gift. Emily x (Colchester)
"Just wanted to say thanks again for today. It was a wonderful feeling of connection for me. I'm glad I was led to your website. I have achy muscles where I never knew they existed. Myself and my daughter will both see you next week for yoga. She's very excited. Thank you Sarah x'" Ria Stannard, (Colchester) 

"Thanks for checking in with us. We had a lovely time (on the body massage for couples workshop), it was physically very nice to be massaged, but also emotionally a connecting experience. The techniques you showed us felt effective yet easy to repeat. I had no problems with the online booking system. The workshop itself was marvellous. We really did love our time with you, Andy felt it was a brilliant gift, so do push the concept of a gift celebration! Many friends have shown appreciation of the idea, hopefully they'll book too in the future. We found you very calm and easy yet professional and knowledgeable. We felt safe. Your personality came through in your emails, and I valued your prompt attention. That contributed to our positive anticipation of the day, being unclothed & being touched could've made us feel vulnerable but we didn't in the slightest. Please do use any comments here on your publicity, you deserve for the compliments to be shown! Thanks again & best Wishes, Claire & Andy" (Colchester)

"Just wanted to send you a brief email to say how much I enjoyed yesterday. Thank you for spending your Sunday teaching me the finer points of Swedish massage. Thank you for a fascinating and enjoyable day. You're a very good teacher!" Margaret Minter (Colchester)

"Thanks so much for the beautiful Reiki training! You´re the best keep spreading the love, girlMeredith Marks (United States)

"Excellent Reiki Master x " Sophie Pryke (England)

¨I did a one-day first degree Reiki course with Sarah in Mancora, Peru. Sarah provided clear, detailed and easy to understand information about the history of Reiki and its uses; the Chakras and each one`s characteristics and properties; and the hand positions and basic procedures for Reiki treatment. The course was fun, interesting, relaxed and informal. Sarah was very friendly and had a lot of experience to share. Sarah has also helped me with questions since the course. I`m very glad I took the course¨Spaceman Africa (Australia)

"Sarah's Reiki training is really good would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in holistic therapy doing level 1, thank you Sarah" Melissa Hume (England)