Reasons to do Yoga on the Beach!

15 reasons to do yoga on the beach!

Post date: Jun 6, 2013 4:03:16 PM

Due to of publicity about yoga in the press, and famous people now doing yoga, we all now know why Yoga is good for you… It improves flexibility, balance, strength; it improves your breathing, and helps reduce stress and anxiety to name but a few!But why practice Yoga on the Beach???...

Here are just few reasons to get you outside and practicing!

1) Sunshine! Practicing at any time of day, and you will receive the wonderful benefits we all feel when out in the sun! Sunlight helps the body take in vital vitamin D, which is helps our body absorb calcium!! It is also extremely important to people with SAD (season affective disorder), so if you are travelling take advantage of the sunshine as much as you can! But remember to practice early or in the late afternoon is important in very hot climates, and use sun protection too!!

2) Fresh Air! One of the reasons why we all love yoga, is because it connects the body to breath and movement. In a normal practice you feel the benefits when you breathe, but on the beach you breathe fresh clean air! Fresh air is said to clean your lungs and strengthen your immune system, it also makes you happy!

3) Improves Balance!! If you can do a tree pose, in the uneven sand, then you will be able to do it more confidently on a wooden floor!

4) Relaxation! It is one thing to listen to a relaxing CD of the sounds of waves, in a normal yoga studio and it is another to actually practice alongside them, with the warmth of the sun on your face and the smell of sea salt in the air! If you are lucky you might hear a few birds chirping too!

5) Mental Challenge! Yoga on the beach, helps you to practice not only the physical side of yoga, but it also takes you to other levels, such as helping you improve your patience, concentration, self-awareness and being present in the moment, by dealing with simple challenges as the sand not being level, the sun in your eyes, a street dog coming over to say hello, all the wonders of being outside, help you improve your practice for the better!

6) Refreshing Wind! Often a yoga practice can be hot and sweaty, especially if you practice Ashtanga or a Vinyasa flow style class! Practicing outside and feeling the occasional gentle breeze, is refreshing and much appreciated!

7) Nature! Apart from seeing stunning upside-down sunrises and sunsets and feel that natural high when a tiny bird comes close to you, or you see a fish jump out of the water, when else would you reach overhead in a sun salutation for the sky and seeing the beautiful fluffy clouds and not a wooden or concrete ceiling?

8) Great Surf Warm-up! If you are surf lover, or just love swimming in the open sea, an early morning yoga practice is a fantastic total body warm up before you dive in to the crisp cool morning water! Even if you don't normally swim, it is very uplifting to have a quick dip in the sea after a sweaty practice to cool you down!

9) Economical! Practicing on the beach is free! Or if you would like a class usually the classes are a low price or pay what you can! One less reason not to start!

10) Social! Another positive side to doing yoga on the beach is that you often see friends or meet passers-by who decide to join in! This can be a mixture of being sociable and meeting new people, at the same time it can be challenge to not be distracted in your self-practice and forget why you are really there!

11) Schedule! you dont need to fit a class in to your busy routine! The beach is always there ( and if you are lucky, sun too!) So yo uhave one less excuse not to do some exercise!

12) Fun! Where else would you be distracted by watching surfers, or amazed at how the sky looks in this very moment!

13) Holiday feeling! If you live on a beach (Like me) You are lucky, if not, why not take advantage of being on the beach, a feeling of compelete relaxation, the warmth of the sun, knowing you don´t have anywhere to rush off to!

14) Stretch a little longer! Practicing in such a calming environment encourages you to feel relaxed, knowing that you can practice for as little or as long as you want to! This meaning you can say a little longer in each pose, to get a deeper stretch.

15) Encourgae Othes! Have you ever noticed that certain places are full of energetic people, (I remeber a visit to Stanley park in Vancouver I had that impression!)Everywhere you see are joggers, bikers, walkers, people doing thai chi in the park! By doing exercise outside you inspire others to do the same, therefore creating a health enviroment to live in!

If I haven't given you enough reasons, why don't you come down to the beach and see if you can't think of your own reasons to practicing yoga on the beach! Or contact me for more details.