Reflexology for Couples Workshop £195

Reflexology is a treatment you can share easily with your partner, with your friends and with your children too! You can even work on your own feet and hands to bring relaxation and harmony. 

This one-day workshop is for couples and you will be the only people on the course on that day. It is a lovely chance to spend together, sharing a wonderful way to improve your sense of well-being and balance. 

You will learn how to give a basic reflexology treatment to the whole foot, including massage and work on specific reflex points to bring balance and optimum function to the energies of the organs and tissues of the body. The treatment is deeply relaxing and you will use beautiful natural balms to carry out your sessions. 

The workshop includes:

  • Preparing the feet for reflexology - foot pamper
  • Basic foot massage techniques to warm up the foot
  • Reflex points to release stress, tension and toxins
  • Reflexology balms and how to use them
  • Using reflexology with your children - some do's and don'ts
You will receive a full set of course notes to help you use your reflexology skills when you get home, and an attendance certificate to remind you of your day.

This workshop is a good way to learn the basics of reflexology and try out the therapy if you are thinking of learning it more seriously. 

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for pregnant women (or even if you suspect you may be pregnant).
Please contact me to check availability & dates; The course dates needs to arranged before sending payment.

This course costs £195 and needs to be paid in two parts; 
1) £78 to London Therapists (The company who run & accredit the course)

2) £117 via my booking system; (Once paid you will receive an email with more details such as address and what to bring etc)

*An additional flat fee of £95 + travel expensive is payable for 1-2-1 tuition in your own home. 
* Non-scheduled 1-2-1 and weekend courses at our venue cost an additional 25% of the normal course fee.