Northern Style Thai Massage                                        90 minutes - £85.00

Northern Style Thai Massage, Colchester, Essex
Nuad Bo-Rarn (Ancient Thai Massage) is a unique body therapy that incorporates Hatha Yoga and Acupressure to stretch the muscles and open the joints. It is a safe, holistic treatment that harmonies the body, increases energy, relieves stress and promotes a peaceful mind.
There are two styles of Thai massage; the southern style focuses on working deeply into pressure points and the northern style places more emphasis on yogic stretching positions and is considered to be more gentle and relaxing.
The treatment is done fully clothed and without oils.
"Thank you for the treatment today, which was excellent. I may have said this before but you are very intuitive and seemed to know exactly the right pressure and how far to go with the stretches. Thank you again for today and I look forward to the next treatment." Patrick Harney (Essex)

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