Manicures & Pedicures
Manicrues & Pedicures, Colchester, Essex

Luxury Pedicure                                                    90 minutes - £41.00 

A wonderful head-to-toe experience, beginning with soaking the feet and a deep exfoliation to remove dry skin. You will then relax on the comfort of the massage
couch to receive a traditional style massage on the calves. The nail and cuticle work is carried out leading into a Reflex-influenced foot massage using Indonesian massage techniques the arms and shoulders are worked upon in a signature massage trail, to lead to a wonderfully relaxing head and shoulder massage. To end, the feet are coated in a super-hydrating balm, perfect for dry heels and the toes receive an immaculate shaping and cuticles work. To complete the journey you will receive a tension relieving hand and arm massage.
"I always look forward to my monthly pedicure with Sarah and the opportunity to relax and be pampered by such a lovely, serene, positive and profesional person. Great pedicure too, which lasts until my next appointment! Linda (Colchester) taken from the Lexden Retreat Website

Manicrues & Pedicures, Colchester, Essex
Standard Pedicure
                                                          1 Hour - £26.00

A luxurious stimulating pedicure to combat rough and dry feet. This complete treatment also works on the nails and cuticles and includes a relaxing foot massage and immaculate coat of polish

Intensive Foot Treatment with warm booties                                                          75 minutes - £34.00

Do you have dry rough cracked heels? Add warm booties to your pedicure to encourage the skin to absorb nourishing oils and creams.  

Standard Manicure                                                                                          1 Hour - £21.00 
Manicrues & Pedicures, Colchester, Essex

This treatment combines natural oils and tropical nut butters to restore moisture balance to hands and nails. This complete manicure includes hand exfoliation, massage, nail and cuticle work and an immaculate coat of polish to finish.

Intensive Hand Treatment with warm mitts                                                             75 minutes - £30.00

Complete a standard manicure with warm mitts, to relax the hands while working on penetrating nourishment deep into the skin.

Other Options

  • Shape and Varnish Fingers or Toes                                                                         1/2 Hour - £16.00 
  • FRENCH POLISH with any Manicure or Pedicure                                               Extra 15minutes - £6.00 extra
  • Microdermabrasion Hand Treatment                                                                             £35.00
  • Microdermabrasion Foot Treatment                                                                         £45.00
"I have already referred two friends to your salon and recommended Sarah as a manicure and pedicure specialist. I have suggested a pedicure to my husband but he is sensitive to anyone dealing with his feet." (Anonymous client comment left on the Lexden Retreat website.)

Please contact me for more details about manicures and pedicures or to book a treatment please call the salon on 07593 590 888 and ask for Sarah