Herbal Thai Hot Compress
Thai Hot Bolster massage, Colchester, Essex
(90 minutes)

Inspired from the beneficial properties of the marine world & combined with holistic Thai hot bolster massage techniques. A full body exfoliation and massage using sea salt and lavender bolus combined with a relaxing mini-facial leaving the skin exquisitely silky and smooth.
Thai Hot Bolster massage, Colchester, Essex
This amazingly relaxing treatment combines traditional massage with hot herbal compress techniques frequently used in Thailand, to relieve tensions over the body.
The hot herbal compresses are used on the body by patting, pounding or rolling them onto the skin. The deep penetrating warmth helps to open the pores and blended herbs sooth and alleviate muscle tension, aches and pains, while triggering a powerful body purification and detoxification process. It soothes away stress and tension, calming the 
mind and providing deep relaxation.

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