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Dr.Janka Corrective Skin Care Facials

Facials start from £45.

The secret formulas of a German family business created in the 18th century, have been passed from one generation to the next, through five successive generations of apothecaries. In the 60's, Dr. Reiner Janka, head of the family pharmaceutical laboratory, decides to develop a corrective skin care line based on ancestral formulas that he improves using his new knowledge on biostimulines. This line now features 34 products formulated with active ingredients extracted from plant biostimulines called "phytostimulines" and a combination of actives know for their skin care properties. These face skin care products are designed to perfectly answer the physiological needs of the epidermis and leave a healthy and balanced skin. Rich in actives and based on well-proven technical forumlas, the corrective skin care line developed by Dr. Reiner Janka offers many treatments and results.    
Dr Janka Colchester

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