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Yoga Practice...

posted 23 Mar 2013, 16:26 by Sarah Lane   [ updated 13 Jun 2013, 18:33 ]
In just over a week I will be starting my yoga teacher training course, with Drishti Yoga teacher training, in Samana Chakra, here in Mancora, Peru. 

It has been booked, for about 2 months now, however my emotions have changed dramatically in this time! They started off very excited and very kean to read and prepare, especally physically... I have been doing ashtanga vinyasa yoga, primary series, every morning on the beach, for about 1 1/2 hours, from 6.30am
, but as the course is due to start is a little over a week, I feel nervous and slightly anxious about the course! Have I practiced enough that I can focus more on what I need to learn rather than be behind and struggling with my physical state? Have I read enough before hand so that it wont all be a blur, and too much information to take in? I am not sure, and I guess with only one week left there isnt enough time to make dramatic improvement! Especally as I have a small electronic pad which I am using to read the required reading materials, however it isnt working very well, and I need to charge it up for 6-8 hours, for a maximun on 20-30 minutes! So I am reading very little, of the time that I am reading I am trying to read very quickly to get through as much as possible, which makes me feel like I am not getting enough in!

I am also slighly worried that the other people on the course will all be yoga experts, or could possibly have done a teacher training course before and just want to do this one to study a different type of yoga! I understand that teaching is a completely unique thing and especally as yoga isnt a competition, but I think it is natural that I am worried everyone will be more flexible and stronger than me. I have scoliosis which also means I have certain limitations when it comes to bending and twisting, but I will just have to stay positive that it wont affect me and that I am feeling nervous now, and on the course my nerves will disappear!...

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